Check this out: Aliventures

This is a website I’ve frequented for awhile now, and it never ceases to inspire me.  If you’re only going to read two writing blogs, they should be mine and this one.

The first thing you notice is the set up is great.  The background is nice, the site’s easy to navigate.  That’s always a concern for me.  Someone’s articles can be as brilliant as E.B White, but if your site frustrates me, I’m not reading a word.

The big thing, of course, is the content.  The posts are really inspirational, and down to earth, no matter where you are in your writing journey.  If you’re just starting out, there’s inspiration to just take things a step at a time.  If you’ve been writing forever and feeling frustrated, there’s inspiration.  The most recent post is a good example.  “Are your writing dreams unrealistic?”  A very good piece.

The author of this blog, Ali Luke, has a great grasp on one simple fact that some writers and bloggers don’t understand.  Writing starts out as a pure artistic craft, but does eventually turn into marketing.  A successful writer has to learn to balance those two jobs.

She also does something that I think all writing blogs should do, something I hope to emulate here.  The site, and Ali’s writing, gives a sense of, “take my hand, and we’ll walk this path together.”  I love that.  Writing is solitary sometimes.  It’s just you and your computer or notebook while you’re working.  It’s nice to remember that we’re all in this together in the writing world.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration along the writing path, check out Aliventures.


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