Check This Out: Squid Row

This week, I’d like to show you one of my favorite web comics.  It’s called Squid Row, by Bridgett Spicer.

The comic’s about two best friends, Randie and Ryan.  Randie’s an undiscovered artist, and Ryan’s a struggling writer/successful waiter.  As a writer who absolutely makes more money at the day job, I relate a lot to Ryan. 

Randie’s a wonderful character for writers to root for.  She’s nearly broke, living in San Francisco, working in an art store.  She lives off coffee and paint fumes most days.  She’s got a ratty old stuffed ‘animal’ that she drags with her all over the place.

This is all lovingly portrayed with Brig’s awesome cartooning style.  Her lines curve, and the colors are wonderfully chosen.  

The reason why I read the comic is for the “I’ve been there,” moments.  When Ryan comes home from work too tired to pick up his pen.  When Randie enters a contest, and pours her soul into it, only to have someone less deserving win.  When Ryan goes to a writers conference and feels as though he’s finally home.  These are things that any creative type can relate to. 

So go check out Squid Row. 

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