Check This Out: Clever Girl Helps

My favorite thing this week (Besides the video of a surfing alpaca I saw on Last Week Tonight,) is this website I stumbled on called Clever Girl Helps.  This is the site you need to find out about just about anything.

There are articles on this site about everything.  Economics, government creations, magic, language structure.  If you’re creating a fantasy world, like I am, this site is a must see.

I spent a lot of time digging through the archives, and found one article in particular that just jumped off the page for me.  Ten alternatives to genetic magic.  This made me rethink my whole magic structure in my series.

There are also a lot of articles about map making.  I love this because maps are so important when writing fantasy, and I had no idea where to start when making one.

Writers spend a lot of time learning new things because our characters have to have intimate knowledge.  That’s why this site is a godsend, especially for world creations.

So, check out Clever Girl Helps.

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