Writing Prompt Saterday: Something Silly

My favorite show is Ray Donovan.  If you haven’t seen it you should.  It’s about a tough man fixer from Boston who moves to LA.  He’s constantly having affairs and beating the crap out of people.  He is a very serious character, the farthest thing from a comic relief you can imagine.  Which is why it’s funny as hell when he starts dancing.

Even the most baddass character should have something silly about them.  Something that makes them more of a real person, and not just a character to preform a task.  For instance, one of the main characters from my book is a work minded, no nonsense, tough girl.  She also will roll in the dirt to play with puppies, and often sneaks into the kitchen to steal sweets.  (Nope, no autobiographical tendencies in that character at all.)

So, here’s your writing prompt this week.  Sadly, this one is only for those of you who have a character already.  Think of something silly about your character.  It should be unexpected, but still make sense with the other characteristics.

Don’t forget to submit your response below.  I’ll post the best one on Monday, September 28.  And don’t forget, the winner of last week’s prompt, Write a Tanka, will be posted on Monday, September 22.  If you haven’t submitted yours yet, there’s still time.

Have fun.  And do something silly this week.

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