Writing Prompt Saturday: Write a Cinquain

This is one of the most fun poetry forms I have ever found. A cinquain consists of five lines, including the title line.

The first line is one word, the title
The second line is two words, and describes the title
The third line is three words, and describes the action of the title
The fourth line is four words, and describes the emotions connected with the title
The fifth line is one word, and it goes back to the title

Here’s an example

Soft, innocent
Squeaking, yawning, cuddling
Smart and gentle pets

If you can’t tell, I have a pair of pet rats that are awesome.

So, if you’ve got a cinquain you care to share, post it below in the responses. I’ll post the best one on Monday, October 6, that is if I get any to chose from.

Don’t forget, I’m still looking for responses from last Saturday, Something Silly about your character. The winner, if there are any entries, will post on Monday, September 29

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