Check This Out-Literary Rejections

This is my go to site for literary agents. If you’ve already gotten your book done, and you’re looking for representation, this is the site you need to have bookmarked.

The site lists hundreds and hundreds of literary agencies, their preferred genres, links to their website, and a snapshot of their submission guidelines. It’s such a time saver!

(Disclaimer, please actually check the websites of the agencies, don’t just depend on the info from a third party site. Most of the time it is one and the same, but the agencies site is more likely to be up to date with info like who’s not currently taking new clients, and who’s decided last week they’re switching their genre.)

This is a good site no matter what genre you write in. It caters to all. It also seems to know that the biggest thing to keep in mind when sending submissions is persistence.

Oh, and did I mention there’s also a blog full of hundreds of informative articles? Everything from genre info, word count explanations, tips of crafting a perfect query letter, and reasons literary agents deserve respect, (because they really do. Never forget that for every good submission, there’s twenty dingbats who got a netbook for Christmas and think their the next Jack Kerouac.)

And, if you just got hit with your 61’st rejection for a book you poured two years of your life into, check out stories of rejection. It will make you feel better because seriously, there are some amazing writing voices there. If they got rejected, I’m going to get rejected. And I have.

So, check out Literary Rejections. If you’re book isn’t done yet, bookmark the site for later use.

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