Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Carpe Diem Poem

Carpe Diem! Who knows their Latin, and who just put that into Google Translate?

Carpe Diem poetry isn’t a specific form. It’s a style of poetry about seizing the day. And, to be honest, there’s a lot of poetry that could fall into that style.

My favorite one is Robert Frosts, Nothing Gold Can Stay. Anyone in their twenties that needs some inspiration to go and grab every day by the throat while your knees still feel good should read that poem.

So, that’s your prompt for the week. Write a Carpe Diem poem, and leave it in the comments section below. I’ll post the best one on October 20.

And don’t forget about last week’s prompt, October from the pumpkin’s pov. Submissions are still open, and the winner will be posted on October 13. I spend all the time talking here, I want to hear from you!

Have a great weekend, everyone, Carpe Diem.


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