Check This Out: Devils Panties

Alright, this one’s pure fun, and it’s just for the nerds among us. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as offensive as it sounds. As the author says, it’s not satanic porn.

Devil’s Panties is about the day to day life of a comic writer, the author named Jennie Breedon. She’s a self published author, a lover of all things nerdy, and a L.A.R.Per. (If you don’t already know, LARP is live action roll play. And it is incredibly fun. Basically dress up and play pretend for adults.)

Why should you be reading this? For a couple of reasons.

Devil’s Panties reminds me on a daily basis that even though I’m a ‘grownup,’ it’s okay to play, and love comic books, and watch cartoons with my kids. Jennie dresses up to go trick or treating with her niece and nephew, she reads comic books and plays with powdered paint. She’s also got an unhealthy sugar addiction, but who doesn’t?

The character Jennie is also a little lecherous, fair warning. She likes looking at guys, and she’s not super shy about that. I really find that empowering. Too often people act like men are the only one’s who are supposed to act like they enjoy looking at the opposite sex. Women like it to, and we should be able to show it in the same degree and circumstances that it’s alright for men to.

But the reason why you, as a writer, should read Devil’s Panties is simple. It’s the life story of a writer. A self published writer at that. It’s a chance to see inside the mind of another creative person, and expand your feeling of writing community.

So, check out Devil’s Panties.

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