Writing Prompt Saterday- What really scares you?

What scares you? What really gets down deep in your brain and makes you shiver? What makes your skin crawl, or check on the kids while they sleep, just to make sure they’re okay?

That’s the basis of our writing prompt this week. You can take this one of two ways. You can ask yourself what creepy crawly things infest your nightmares. For me, it’s spiders. I hate them.

You can also ask yourself what really frightens you, deeply. No surprise, my worst fear is someone kidnapping my kids. That’s the thing that makes me the most afraid in the world, because if they’re kidnapped, I might never know what’s happened to them. So I’ll spend the rest of my life not knowing if they’re alive or dead.

I like this prompt for two reasons.  One, fear is a great way to initiate an emotional reaction from a reader.  If you made someone sleep with the light on, you win.  The best way to scare someone is to think about what scares you.

This is also an introspective thing to think about.  What you’re afraid of says a lot about you.  You should know what that is.

So, once you know what scares you, write about it for ten minutes.

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