NANO shopping list Bonus Post

My personal NANO shopping list

1. Twenty new Le Pens in the colors I’m using for my pov characters, blue and Oriental blue.

2. Three new packs of college ruled paper.

3. Enough coffee to wake Steve Jobs.

4. Bulk box of protein bars to keep at my desk and carry to the library.

5. Wrist wraps.  (I type all day at my day job, so this is a lot on my poor wrists)

6. Chocolate, because I’m a stereotype, shut up.

7. Frozen oven food so the kids survive the month.

8. Cookies to bribe the children away from my desk.

9. White out.  Like, a lot of white out.

10. A gift card for Red Lobster, because December 1 I’m taking my family there to celebrate/apologize for ignoring them for a month.

What’s on your NANO shopping list?

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