Check This Out: Nano Home Website

I feel obliged to warn you that I’m going to be talking quite a bit about NANO for the next month. With that in mind, this weeks website to check out is the official NANO website.

This isn’t just if you’re participating! Some of the best articles about writing can be found on this site. Never forget that the best thing you can do for yourself as a writer is to learn. Reading about writing isn’t the only way to learn about it, but it’s a pretty big way. There are some very positive and upbeat voices on the NANO website, offering tips and inspiration for every stage of writing. One of my all time favorite articles is ‘A 7 Step Guide to Big Picture Revision.’ Posted January 2014. It had some great ideas for when you’ve got your first draft sitting on your desk, ten inches tall and a world of intimidation.

The NANO website, and actually the competition itself is designed for young writers, or at least new writers. So, if you haven’t finished your first book, or if you haven’t got a clue where to start thinking of an idea for your first book, or if you’re not even sure where your pen is, this is the site you want to be on. No matter how early in the writing path you are, you can find someone at the same place there. More importantly, there’s someone who’s a little farther ahead on the path, to give you a hand along.

Once again, the forums and chat rooms are a must must visit. There’s nothing like talking to people who are struggling with your same struggles to help you both get through it. It’s like that old song, Lean on Me. Maybe you cannot, for the life of you, make your character something other than a cliche. There’s probably someone on the forums who will have some tips. But maybe they can’t write a fight scene any better than William Shatner can act one. Maybe you’re really good at that, and can pass along some of your knowledge.

So, even if you’re not participating in NANO, you should check out the site. And if you are, you should be on it daily. Unless it’s distracting you from your word count. Then, get offline, and write!

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