Check This Out: Inky Girl

As writers, illustrators are our allies and teammates.  You need illustrators, and they need you.  Most of the time.  In my experience, it’s much easier for an illustrator to write a story to go with their drawing than a writer to draw something to go with their stories.  What does that say about us, I wonder.

Inky girl is the blog of illustrator-  .  Her big recent claim to fame was redoing the Judy Bloom covers, which made my twelve year old self love her to pieces.  Apparently she geeked out over it too, which was funny to read.

The really funny thing on Inky Girl’s site is the literary cartoons she writes and draws.  They’re clever, precise, and honest.  I love the one where a little boy’s playing in this giant mess they’ve made in the kitchen.  The friend says, “Won’t you get in trouble for this?”  They boy replies, “Nope.  My mom’s got three deadlines next week.  By the time she notices, I can blame it on the cat.”  My kids have totally used that before.

This is a great site for a quick laugh, and a look at another side of the creative spectrum.  Reading it seems like talking with a buddy who understands the craft inside and out.

So take a break from NANO to check out Inky Girl.

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