Check This Out- Ten Minute Novelist

Another blog about writing. Another blog about a busy mom. Except these are one and the same.

Here is the power of this site. It’s designed to help and inspire people who have little to no time to write. Like, for instance, moms who home-school multiple little kids. Like five, which is how many Katherine Grubb, the author of the blog has. That’s right, she’s got five kids.

Which is why she lives her life based on one simple rule, take life ten minutes at a time. All of her blog posts take her exactly ten minutes to write. Then she will spend ten minutes on the dishes, ten minutes picking up the living room, and ten minutes working on her book. And she’s written several. Even better, she’s published several. So, what’s your excuse for not making your word count today?

Check out Ten Minute Novelist. It shouldn’t take you long, but hopefully it will inspire you to spend at least ten minutes on your writing today.

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