Writing Prompt Saterday: Make up a holiday

Writing Prompt Saturday: Make up a Holiday

Holidays can be confusing if you’re looking at their origins.. Who the hell decided that Columbus day is still celebrated? Or Groundhog day, really? That’s still a thing we do in the 21st century?

The point is that some holidays, not all but some, are kind of arbitrary. But right now we’re just in the dead center of the holidays that are not so arbitrary. They’re really more life consuming. At least for me, they are.

Why can’t we just make up our own?

That’s you’re prompt for the week, guys. Make up a holiday. How is it celebrated? What food goes with it? Does everyone like it, or are some people offended by it (Columbus day) Do people dress up for it, give gifts, make cards? Once you’ve made up your holiday, make a card for it.

Hope you’re all having fun with your real holidays. And feel free to share your made up one in the comment section below.. I’m going to go find the left over turkey, now.

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