The writing Life- Book Binders

Alright, I have a confession to make.  I am a complete nerd when it comes to organization.  I’m subscribed to all sorts of homemaker sites, just to see their planners.  I love it.  So, when it came to organizing my notes for my fantasy series, it was second nature.

Not so for everyone, I know.  But here’s the thing; everyone needs a way to keep their notes organized when writing a book.  No matter what kind of book you’re writing, you need to keep track of things.

Now, you might not need all the compartments I need, but I’m writing a fantasy series.  I’ve got-

Detailed notes on each country in my world, including things like food, clothing, culture, money, language, religions, animals, geography, and racial slurs for that country, (I don’t like it, but it’s realistic.)

Character notes.  Long, detailed notes about appearance, magical ability, what they like, fear, hate, love, are allergic too.  And, if they’ve got any magical items.

Family trees.

Notes for future books.

Maps of my countries.

Notes on what seasons, months, and days of the week are called.

Information about all sorts of things I had to learn about like sword fighting, plague protocol, weaving, spinning, and Krav Maga.

If you can’t already tell, my notes are rather detailed, but that’s what I need.  You might not need all that, but you will at least need-

Character notes

Notes on places. Even if they’re real, you need notes on all sorts of things like weather, population, stuff like that.  If you’re not sure what notes you should put in there, think what tiny details are going to send you tearing through all 500 plus pages of your manuscript trying to remember.  You should write that down.

If you’re writing a series, it also helps to keep track of-

Historical notes by book.

Large view plotlines.

Who’s still alive.

Now, you’ve got a shopping list.  To assemble a book fact binder, you need-

Multi colored pens

Lose leaf paper


Binder tabs


Hole punch

The loose leaf is because you do not want to put this into anything you can’t add or take away pages from.  You just don’t.  It will lead to heartache.

Binder seems pretty self-explanatory.  Same with tabs.

I hole punched some folders to keep random notes in if I can’t hole punch them.

Also, I keep at least ten blank pages in the back of my binder, in case I come up with a brilliant idea while I’m out and about.  What, doesn’t everyone carry their manuscript around?

So, that’s all you need to make your own book binder.  I know it takes some time to make it, but trust me, you’ll be glad you did, when you’re not searching your whole manuscript trying to remember what color eyes you gave your antagonist’s girlfriend.

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