Check This Out-Modern Mrs. Darcy

If you couldn’t guess, I’m an avid blog reader.  I’ve got four blogs I ready every day, and at least a dozen I check in on.  For the most part, their about four things; writing, home keeping, money management and literature.  This one blog,  Modern Mrs. Darcy, manages to combine three of the four.  So far Warren Buffet and Dave Ramsy hasn’t been mentioned.

I love this blog.  If you can’t tell by the title, the author is a lover of classic literature.  She’s great at making suggestions and giving an inside view of a bibliophile with multiple kids who are homeschooled, and running a house as efficiently as possible to save time for more important things, like reading.  If you’ve got kids, and you’re trying to fit writing hours around homeschool lessons, grocery shopping and all the other things that seem to burn away the daytime hours, this is a really inspirational personal blog.  Especially if you, like me, live in an area where most people have no idea who Mrs. Darcy might be.

So, this week, check out Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Hope you’re all surviving the holiday crazy so far.

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