Markets- Flash Fiction

Welcome to week one of our second new column, the markets.  Writing is a business that centers around an art.  This tends to be something that writers know better than other artists, but it can still be something we struggle with.  Let me tell you, if no one has before, that people who write for money are not writers.  I don’t want to write because I can make money.  That’s stupid.  I make a lot more at my day job than I’ve ever made  writing, and I wrote long before I ever got paid a dime for it.  My goal, in being paid for my writing, is to be able to write more.  The goal is to quit my day job and spend all day writing, not because I think it’s easier, but because nothing besides my kids makes me happier than writing.

But money keeps the heat and the internet on, so we’ve got to have some.  So, every Friday, I’ll post something you can do to earn money with your writing.  It might be a freelance market, a grant, a contest, or a new agent looking for new writers.  I’ll post word count, genre requirements, and timelines.  Everything you need to seek out this market and try it out.

And I want to hear success stories!  Let me know on twitter, or at my e-mail address, if you sold work!  I’ll post a brag board at the end of the month!

So, here’s this week’s market

Flash Fiction

Genre- Open, but they prefer Science Fiction.

Word Count- 500 to 1,000 words.

Deadline- None.  They accept submissions year round.

Turnaround- My experience is they’re usually pretty fast with their responses.  Sadly, that meant they rejected my work really fast, but hey, them’s the breaks.

Be sure to check their submission guidelines, and good luck.

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