Writing Prompt Saterday- Your first line

So, the first thing I do when I start thinking about a new story is to consider the first line. The first line is important, it sets the stage for the whole story.

It also has the power to stop me cold as I spend days and days trying to think of something pithy to say first.  Somehow I always forget that this line can be tossed out if it doesn’t work, and I let it stall me every time.

Here’s a writing prompt I’ve used to get past this.  I take fifteen minutes, and write down five first lines.  No judgements, just write them down.  Then I scratch out the one I like least.  Repeat step two until only one remains.  And I use that to get started, promising myself that I’ll think of something better during draft two.  Honestly, when I get around to draft two, I usually love my first line.

So, in the spirit of first draft month, this is your writing prompt of the week.  Write five first lines for your book.  Chose the one that sucks the least.  Then go with the confidence that your first line, like all the other lines in your book, are not set in stone, and white out was invented for a reason.

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