Check This Out- Snopes

First drafts are awesome, and fun. I know, I’m still working on mine for November. First drafts are also creatively draining, time consuming and sometimes grind on your skin like sandpaper. I know, I’m still working on mine from November!

So, today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite websites for inspiration. It’s called Snopes!

Snopes is a website dedicated to researching urban legends and rumors. It’s a great place for fact checking, if you’re doing anything non fiction. It’s also a great place to find the basic play by play of traditional urban legends like the poodle in the microwave or the deep fried rat in the bucket of chicken.

Quite frankly, it’s also a great way to read some awesome stories. There are funny stories, like the one about a set of missionaries who were chewed out by an old woman who then slammed the door in their faces, accidentally decapitating her pet. Then there are scary stories, like Aids Mary (or Harry). Basically, if you like stories, and you probably do, Snopes is a treasure trove. You will lose hours, reading this site, I promise you. So, maybe get your allotted word count in before you start in reading for the day, just saying.

So, if you’re still elbow deep in your rough draft, like I am, (sigh) take a break and check out Snopes.

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