Writing Prompt Saterday- Pants Around Your Ankles Moment

When you’re working on your rough draft, it’s easy to see either the antagonist or the protagonist as a very serious, stoic character. The hero is tall, strong and brave. Super serious. And the bad guy is dark, brooding, multilevel-ed but deep.

In short, these are not people you’d expect to see tripping on a toy car their kids leave on the sidewalk, or accidentally split the inside of their pants while they’re in public.

But maybe, you should see it.

How someone responds to embarrassment can tell you a lot about that person. How do you react when you’ve overlooked something that later causes people to laugh at you? How does your antagonist? Or your protagonist?

That’s your prompt for the week, folks. Set a timer, and write about at time your protagonist was completely embarrassed in front of someone. Now, do it again for your antagonist.

As always, I want to share in your writing! Post your response to the prompt below!

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