Writing Prompt Saterday- Who’s your Hero’s Hero?

Everyone’s got a hero, someone they look up to. Everyone’s got someone they want to be just like.

Well, some people have a patchwork of heroes. Personally, I want to be Tina Fey, but easier to work with and more committed to personal care. But damn do I want that woman’s hair and work ethic.  Especially the hair.

So, who does your character look up to? Does he or she have a parent, or a political figure, or maybe a religious leader? In other words, who does your character want to be when he grows up?

Take ten minutes and write about who your character’s hero is. If your character doesn’t have one, that’s going to be pretty rare, and there should be some tolerable explanation as to why they don’t have someone to look up to.

By the way, also on my list of heroes are John Stewart and Mya Angelou. Also, Linda Carter. I want to be Wonder Woman when I grow up.

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