Writing Promt Saterday- Your last line

Here’s hoping you’re close to the end of your rough draft. I’m um, not. I’m just finishing part one of three. At my current rate of exceedingly long descriptive chapters, I’m estimating a completed manuscript of over 1,000 handwritten pages by April.

However, I’ve already been thinking about my last line.

This week’s prompt is just that. What’s the last line of your story? Do you know yet? If you’re a pantser, you might not have any clue. You might not know what characters will still be alive at the end of the book. But you should still think about it.

A last line gives you something to work towards. Think of it as a target. And I’m going to suggest the same thing here that I did with your first line. Write five, and decide which one’s the worst. Cross it out. Repeat until only one remains. That’s your last line.

Now, if you will all excuse me, I’m going to go find some leftover potato candy.

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