January Plans

Welcome to the first day of the new year!  Hope no one’s too hung over.

January will be the second month we’ve had a specific theme.  One of my big resolutions this year is to get better organized.  My home, my writing, my day job, the whole thing.  I want to know where things are after I put them down, and I need to be able to find contract agreements and have a clean coffee cup in the morning.  I’m not shooting for a Martha Stewart spread, just a little less chaos.

So that’s the theme this month.  Organization in your writing life is a need, but it’s often something that creative people struggle with.  We, or at least I, have a habit of creating great piles of brilliant art both written and drawn.  To me, it’s the things I’ve brought forth like I brought forth my baby.  To everyone else, it’s that pile of paper’s they’ve got to move before they can sit down.  I’ve got two kids with similar opinions about their artwork.  There are a lot of papers around my house, is what I’m saying.  And none of us are too fond of things like putting things away, or anything that really distracts us from our art for very long.

So, stick around for a month on organizing, sorting and finding a better life through file folders.

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