Writing Schedules

Have you taken any time to consider your writing schedule?  By this, I mean how much writing you do, and when you do it.

For some, writing gets done in spurts when and if you’ve got the time. While that might be fine when you’re trying to get into the writing habit. But eventually, your writing habit is going to have to change. Depending on what’s been going on in my life, I’ve had a hundred different writing schedules. No matter what stage you’re in now, though, being more mindful about your writing schedule is going to help you get more done.

Step one- Consider your daily rhythm.

I am a morning person who, ironically, works nights at my ‘day’ job. This doesn’t make for the most pleasant work environment, but it does mean I can use my prime time to play with my kids and write. When I worked mornings, I got up before work to write.

The important thing is to look at your already in place schedule, and see when you can put in some writing time every day.

Step two- Consider how much time you have.

When you’re just starting, any time you can spend a day is great, just as long as it’s every day. At least for the first draft. I might as well tell you right now that when you’re editing, this will take more time. You cannot just do a page at a time, or ten minutes at a time. So when you get to that step, you’ll want to schedule at least an hour a day to it.

Step three- Consider your goals.

Remember yesterday when I suggested you create some resolutions? You’ll need those now. You’ll want to ball park how much time you think you’ll need to reach those goals. Now, no matter how much time you think everything’s going to take, add two weeks.

Creating a writing schedule is hard. You’re trying to schedule productivity when it comes to art. So, especially with the first draft, plan for failure sometimes. That doesn’t mean you stop trying, it just means you don’t beat yourself up if it happens.

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