Check This Out- Critique Circle

An important part of editing is getting other people’s perspective on your work.  This is not ever expressed enough, so let me say it again.  You need someone else to read your work.  Not a friend who is worried about hurting your feelings.  Not a family member who thinks you’re just so smart and everything you do is the absolute bestest.  A real honest opinion of your writing.

You also want to critique someone else’s writing.  You learn about good writing that way, in a hands on fashion.

Here’s a site where you can do both.  It’s called the Critique Circle online.  I’m actually getting ready to join myself, because I am in desperate need of beta readers.

You can also find workshops on this site, which is nice.  Remember, St. De Sales stood for education, and knowledge.  You can never get enough of either.

So this week, check out Critique Circle.  See you there!

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