Writing Prompt Saterday- What makes your decade special?

What makes you so special?  Or more specifically, the decade you grew up in.  Every decade is memorable for something.  This past one perhaps more than others, but I’m biased because I lived it.

I was born in the late eighties, so I remember the 90’s the best.  We were known for grunge, which is maybe not the best thing to be known for but it’s what we’ve got.  Grunge bands like Nirvana, grungy cloths like flannel shirts, trashy t-shirts, and ripped jeans.  Basically to look cool you looked like you’d picked your cloths out of the rag bin then slept in them.  Grungy make up, too.  I will not admit to sporting a massive amount of blue paint on my eyes, but it was popular at the time.  I remember boy bands, Clarissa Explains it All, Pete and Pete, and the real hayday of good cartoons.

What’s your decade?  What did people wear, watch, listen to?  What did people do for fun?  What movies did you go see?  Look at your own history, but also what people will remember.  To put it another way, you can watch a movie like The Breakfast Club, or Ten Things I Hate about You, and you know what decade it’s from.  Why?

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