Check This Out- Poetic Forms

It should not be a surprise to any of you that I love poetry.  It’s kind like football to me.  I can’t do it myself very well, but I love to watch other people do it.

To that end, one of my favorite sites, in fact one of my first favorite sites, is called Poetic Forms, which is sponsored by the Academy of American Poets.  I love this site for one reason and one reason only.  It give me hundreds of different poetry forms to try out.

This is one of the best things about poetry.  You can find so many different ways to express your emotions.  There’s the quick three line form of Haiku, to the epic bold storytelling style of a ballad.  I love learning new forms, trying new ways to fit words together until they transcend mere scratches on the page and become a feeling or a moment, captured forever.  On Poetic Forms, I can learn about the newest way to do that.  Or maybe a really old way to do that that’s new to me.

So, check out Poetic Forms.  Just be aware you might run into spoilers for my Writing Prompt Saturdays.

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