Markets- Dirty Chai

Never have I been more irritated to be working on a first draft, which means I can’t craft anything for this market yet.  I have a soft spot for literary magazines that are eclectic and off the wall, and Dirty Chai totally fits that bill.  Also, I’m assuming a Dirty Chai would be a chai tea with a little splash of something, perhaps spiced rum.  Even if it’s not, that sounds awesome!

Dirty Chai is a literary magazine that is often themed in its issues.  The one that they’re collecting for now is called Madness!  It’s all about alternate realities and a reflection on the madness of the day.  However, they do take open submissions as well, so if you’ve got another project, go ahead and send it.

Genre- Non-specific.  But it’s shouldn’t be anything too mainstream or down to earth.

Submission Date- Hard as I tried, I couldn’t find a sub date anywhere for the Madness! issue.  If anyone does, feel free to post it in the comments and tell me I’m an idiot.

Wait time- Six to eight weeks.

Here’s a link to the submission page.

Payout- Publication.  The editors don’t make money off of this, so they haven’t got any to give out.  While I don’t think it’s good to write for free often, you should be open to it.  Especially if you don’t have any published credits to your name.

As always, let me know if you’ve got any success, so I can put it up on the brag board!  Best of luck!

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