Blogger Recognition Award!!!

I was nominated for an award by an awesome blogger, Mercedes Prunty! I’ll have my own nominations up shortly.

Mercedes Prunty Author

WOW!!! Do I feel happy today 😉 So I’ve been chosen by another BLOGGER for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. I feel happy and really appreciated as writing a blog does take a lot of time and effort but also not only have I received the award but I also get to nominate other bloggers for the award too 😉

blogger-recognition-award-logoWhat is the Blogger Recognition Award???

The award for Blogger Recognition is given to Bloggers by other bloggers to show their appreciation for all the hard work and dedication put into their blogs and for all the blogs posts they have put into the world of blogging for others to read and gain inspiration from.

To me this award is just WOW and gives me a warm and amazing feeling of finally being recognised for the work I put into my blog daily, (Yes I said daily! It was a…

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