So, when I decided that I was going to start a new blog, I did a lot of work before I launched it.  Lot’s of questions about design, content, times to post.  I wrote the content for the first two weeks before I even thought about launching.

After all of that planning, the last thing I thought about was the name.

When I finally did think of the name, I agonized over it.  It was worse than naming my kid, I swear.  The name had to be bold, eye catching, unique, personal and cool in an offbeat indie rock band sort of way.

Here’s the thing you need to know about me.  As a writer I, of course, love paper.  Notebooks, loose leaf, journals.  When I was a kid I would rip off the serrated edges off of my grandma’s printer paper.

But I love paper beyond that.  I also treasure it as an art medium.  Origami, paper mache, even the humble sketch in the border of a term paper.  Paper holds every creative thing in its grasp.  Canvas, computers and clay may hold the finished product, but paper holds it first.

That’s why I chose the name Paper Beats World.


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