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Seeming, Station 86 Book One

ff9a8a_d364e70623f041a199d588b5124fcc3c-mv2 Station 86 is shocked when a Khloe assassin begins killing members of the all powerful council. Officer Sennett Montgomery and Councilman Godfrey Anders swear to find the assassin after Godfrey’s wife is falsely accused. But the killer, and the council itself, are not what they seem. Neither, as it turns out, is Sennett’s daughter.

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Enter the world of Station 86, for FREE.


You Can’t Trust The AI, Station 86 Book 2

Sennett, Godfrey and the rest of Station 86 are trying to put their society back in order scn_0047after the Core attack. Then a mysterious ship from a dying station arrives, bringing artificially intelligent robotic, murderous dogs.

Godfrey, Mason and April must get to the hospital safely, while Sennett is trying to protect Marshal’s Joy and Howard. But the AI dogs are nothing compared to the terrors they left behind on their own station.

Station 86 Volume OneStation 86, Volume One

This includes both Seeming and You Can’t Trust The AI in a beautiful paperback edition.



Virus, Station 86 Book 3

When a station goes dark, Sennett is asked to join the last remaining IHP members to Featured Image -- 5413investigate. When they arrive, they find so much more than they expected. A terrifying virus is loose on the station, that they might never escape from.

Meanwhile, Station 86 is having its first free election. Godfrey hadn’t had any intention of being involved, until he isn’t given a choice.

In the meantime, April’s true identity as the first hybrid humanoid is no longer a secret. And there are those who can’t stand that there’s a half Earthian, half Khloe. There are those that will never rest until the little girl is dead. With Sennett trapped, stations away, Godfrey and Mason have to work together to keep April safe.

Station Central, Station 86 Book 4

Featured Image -- 6040Station Central has been touted as the vacation destination in the stars. Its success and popularity as not only a great place to vacation, but a great place to live was the start of mankind moving off of Earth and into the stars.
Sennett, Godfrey and Liam head there in search of a much-needed vacation. Instead, they find a council at war with each other, a population starving and an accused murderer lurking in the shadows. Sennett and Godfrey fight to keep April safe as family secrets threaten to destroy them, even as the Hollow Suits come out of hiding and attack. Will they survive the fourth installment of Station 86?



Days, And Other Stories-Totally Free.

DaysAnd Other StoriesSeven pieces of short and flash fiction, showcasing the days of seven very different people. You will find a busy librarian, a lonely man with a guitar and a woman who finds a dream crashing in her brain. Available on Tablo, The I Store and Gumroad.  (Psst! This book is totally free!)

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Broken Patterns. From Solstice Press

In Devon’s world, magical work is as common as turning a pot or fletching


an arrow. What isn’t common is a man with thread magic. When Devon finds that he is a seer, weaving prophetic tapestries, his family tries to keep it a secret.

Available on Amazon

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Starting Chains, Book 2 of Woven

After years of war between Montelair and Septa, the two thrones are united by family. starting chains-001Victor’s nephew, Morgan, is sharing the throne with the last heir of the royal line, Jacob. He and Lenore decide to travel to Montelair with their newborn daughters to help broker peace.

But peace among their own people is harder to achieve. The city is tormented by a terrorist who calls himself The Tinker. He and his group of anarchists plant bombs through the city and call for the death of the new kings from every street corner.

Meanwhile, in Calistar, Sultiana and Devon are marching to war with Kussier. The ancient hatred between the two countries is sprung anew when Sultiana is declared heir to the Calistar throne.

Waiting at the border, though, is a much darker enemy. A force from legend threatens to consume both countries, and possibly the world.

Missing Stitches, book Three of Woven

The city of Septa has barely had a moment of peace since the death of their king, missing stitches-001Michael. Lenore, the princess, and heir, hopes that she and her husband, Victor, can bring some stability. Meanwhile, her brother Devon and his wife, Queen Sultiana, come to visit and meet Lenore and Victor’s twin daughters. Sultiana comes with a heavy heart, having just miscarried her own child, and lost her father.

Instead, Lenore finds herself battling against her uncle, Joseph, over her right to the throne. As he stirs the city into civil war, an ancient enemy reveals itself. Brother Brennan, who claims to speak for The Creator, is killing Septa citizens in the streets.

Then, Lenore’s daughters are kidnapped. While Victor and Devon hunt the city in search of the princesses, Lenore and Sultiana must lead her city in a war against her uncle, and a twisted holy man. The canals run red as Lenore fights for her city, her family, and the safety of the world, in the conclusion of Woven.



Spook (Free)  


Twelve short and flash fiction horror stories. Meet Gracie, who just can’t seem to stop causing bad luck for her foster families.

Or Frank, who went out for dinner at a Chinese place only to find more than he was expecting. Featuring two never before read stories by yours truly.

Gumroad books download into your Google Play Store



AA-001Josey was new in town, working two jobs and reeling from her divorce. She needed a lot of things, but most of all she needed a meeting. She finds one in the basement of her local library. But the meeting that she finds isn’t the one that she’s expecting.

Now available on Amazon




The Man In The Woods

Harold spent most of his son’s life protecting him from the man in the woods, while his 41HYCw0DTHL._SY346_neighbors lost child after child. Then, after a deadly car crash, he has to take his sixteen-year-old granddaughter into his home.

Then a reality company starts building a new neighborhood in the heart of the woods, placing hundreds of children in harm’s way.



List of Anthologies my stories have been included in

How To Trick The Devil from Erebus Press- Sticky Fingers

Project 9, Vol 3 from Solstice Publishing- AA. (AA is also a standalone. Here’s a link to get just my story.)

SylverMoon Chronicles: Vol VI- The Infant Graveyard.

SylverMoon Chronicles: Vol VII– The Trouble Door.








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