Building a Boss Author Website, Part Three. Creating Consistent Content

Creating consistent content is probably the hardest part about maintaining a blog or author website. It’s something that we all struggle with.

And it is a struggle. I’m already spending as much time as possible writing fiction. This is more writing on top of it. You might say, and have a valid point, that writing is my job. Well, sometimes my brain feels like a wrung out sponge and I feel like I’m just repeating myself over and over, okay?

Even so, I do manage to come out with consistent content. At least, I think I do. You all might be better judges, to be honest. Here are some of the ways I do it.

Keep a notebook with you everywhere.

Really, though, you should be doing this anyway. So I guess I should say devote a page of your notebook to blog posts ideas. The same rules apply to this as all other writing. Yes, you should write that idea down. No, you’re not going to remember it later.

Have a set list of topics that you discuss.

Just keep a list of topics that interest your audience and that you like to write about. When you’re stuck, consider the list and see what you might not have covered yet. That way you’re not casting into the sky blue air for a topic.

Focus on what you’re good at.

I’m good with technology, I write charmingly realistic characters and am good at organization. I can help people with those three things. So I like to write about those three things. I kind of don’t feel like I’m going to run out of ideas with those three topics any time soon.

Take some time and write down all the things you know about and enjoy discussing. Be specific. Then think about how you can teach people about those things.

Discussing new entertainment is always a good bet.

If you write fiction, please don’t hesitate to write about other books in your genre. Write about movies and tv shows that you think might interest your readers. Not only is this interesting for your readers, it’s fun for you. I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about the movie they just saw?

Don’t discount your own life experience.

I’m always surprised that my most popular posts are often personal ones about my actual life. The same is true for the blogs I read. I love hearing real stories about real people.

Experience new things.

Finally, the best way to find new blog post material is to experience new things. Every new thing brings me new ideas. It’s the same as with any other sort of writing. The more you experience, the better your writing will be.

In Devon’s world, magical work is as common as turning a pot or fletching an arrow. What isn’t common is a man with thread magic. When Devon finds that he is a seer, weaving prophetic tapestries, his family tries to keep it a secret.

But the family can’t hide Devon’s visions after he predicts a devastating plague in the dragon lands of Coveline. He travels there to help the dragon queen save her people.

Meanwhile, Devon’s sister Lenore joins the Church of Singular Light. As Lenore learns to serve, and falls in love with her city, she discovers a dark underbelly to the church.broken-patterns-001

Lenore fights for her city, and Devon rushes to find a cure to the plague, while an unseen enemy raises an army to destroy Septa from within.

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