Why Disenchanted works, a character study

Often when I’m talking about why a show works, I find myself pointing out one strength over and over. The stories I love the most are the ones with the best characters.  That being said, instead of breaking down all of the reasons why Disenchantment season three works, I thought I’d focus on just thisContinue reading “Why Disenchanted works, a character study”

Sylvermoon Volume IX is available now!

It’s a new book! Yay! Even better, it’s a collection of speculative shorts by some of the best indie authors around. Including, of course, me. Some awesome authors you might recognize are G. Russell Gaynor, Madolyn Locke and Greg Alldredge, to name just a few. Some of the stories are whimsical, some are terrifying. AllContinue reading “Sylvermoon Volume IX is available now!”

Why Savage Legion Works

I love a good, thick fantasy novel, let’s just get that out of the way, first. And we were to judge Savage Legion by Matt Wallace only on its size, it would be a winner.  Fortunately, it’s got a lot more going for it. It’s funny, has great characters and was just overall fun toContinue reading “Why Savage Legion Works”

My favorite bullet journal spreads to keep your life in order and plants alive

This month I began my seventeenth bullet journal. Her name is Sage.  In all this time, I’ve never really taken the time to share my bullet journal strategies or collections with you. I’d like to say I don’t know why, but I do.  My bullet journal isn’t as pretty as most of the ones youContinue reading “My favorite bullet journal spreads to keep your life in order and plants alive”