My Updated Monthly Planning and Review Day

Last week I talked about my weekly routines that are keeping my life in order right now. But I feel like I’m overlooking my major planning for my micro planning. I know that I have shared my monthly chores list before, but it has changed a lot. I’m going to give you two lists. OneContinue reading “My Updated Monthly Planning and Review Day”

Boss Author Page, Part Two. What’s in A Name?

This is going to be a shorter post, so I’m going to take a minute to explain to you why I’m not going to do a post about blog hosting. I’m not doing it because I’ve only ever used WordPress. If I were to review other sites it wouldn’t be my own experience. I wouldContinue reading “Boss Author Page, Part Two. What’s in A Name?”

Solstice Winter Blog Tour, Week Six

Welcome to this week’s Winter Blog Tour post. This week we’re hosting Geoff Nelder. As an added bonus, he’s included a sample of his work. Oops, there I go again, barging in on someone else’s blog, grasping for an unsuspecting new audience. No one is more demanding than Mrs N in more ways than twoContinue reading “Solstice Winter Blog Tour, Week Six”

Four Lists and How They’re Saving My Damn Life

As I am always and forever trying to be a better version of myself, I often change up my routines. I find that some thing don’t work, or don’t work as well as new things. Sometimes I just find something new and awesome that I have to at least try to incorporate into my life.Continue reading “Four Lists and How They’re Saving My Damn Life”

Solstice Blog Tour, Week Five

Welcome to week five of the Solstice Winter Blog tour. This week we’re hosting Christopher Davis. Good Morning and thank you for having me. I’ve two novels on tap so far for 2017—one short and one full length—and both will be published by the good folks at Solstice publishing. Walking to Babylon—the first up andContinue reading “Solstice Blog Tour, Week Five”

Have to reblog as a great example of microfiction

It hadn’t dawned on me to warn landlords that we were Black but I guess that I should have… Inspired by a true event… Montreal, 1963. “Sorry, we do have apartments for rent but we can’t risk having other tenants move out if you move in.” I stood there with the baby sleeping in […]Continue reading “Have to reblog as a great example of microfiction”

Your Ideal Reader Practice

I’ve been reading a lot of business blog posts recently. One thing that keeps popping up on nearly every one of them is a simple but powerful practice. Figuring out your ideal client or customer. ByRegina talked about it, Lisa Jacobs talked about it. I’m not going to talk about it, though. Why? Because forContinue reading “Your Ideal Reader Practice”