Virus is launching on Smashwords today

It’s time for a launch day, are you ready? Virus, Book 3 of Station 86, is now available on Smashwords. When a station goes dark, Sennett is asked to join the last remaining IHP members to investigate. When they arrive, they find so much more than they expected. A terrifying Virusvirus is loose on theContinue reading “Virus is launching on Smashwords today”

Exciting news about Virus

It’s always an exciting time when I get to announce a book launch. Even though this one isn’t a purely new launch. That’s okay, though. It’s still fun. Virus, book three of Station 86 will be available on Smashwords on July 30. So, if you’ve been waiting to complete your Station 86 series, but you’reContinue reading “Exciting news about Virus”

Celebrating the sixth year anniversary of Woven

Every single year I do this, and I have no intention of stopping. #Sorrynotsorry. But this is a pretty exciting thing, and I really want to share it with you. Tomorrow will be the sixth anniversary of the day I started my trilogy, Woven. It’s the sixth anniversary of the day I sat in theContinue reading “Celebrating the sixth year anniversary of Woven”

A review of the Chernobyl mini-series by HBO

Here’s something you might not know about me. I was born in June of 1986. So literally, while I was being born, Chernobyl was happening. Well, the fallout of Chernobyl was still being dealt with. In addition to that, I was brought up and still live in, Butler PA. That’s about three hours from ThreeContinue reading “A review of the Chernobyl mini-series by HBO”

Book review, Suppose We

Another thing I haven’t done in a while is to review a book. I don’t know why. I’ve been reading books. But I’ve mostly been reading old books, books that almost everyone has already read except me. (I’ve really been trying not to re-read books. Which actually means no re-reading Harry Potter.) But, after interviewingContinue reading “Book review, Suppose We”

My experience with Fussy Librarian

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click on a link I might make some money back. That doesn’t mean I don’t really love what we’re talking about today. I will never tell you about anything I don’t love and use myself. Pretty exciting day, here. It’s the first day ofContinue reading “My experience with Fussy Librarian”