The top ten best books I read in 2018

It’s that weird week between Christmas and New Years when no one really knows what to do with themselves. It feels silly to try to get back to normal routines when we know it’s just going to be thrown right out the window next Monday and Tuesday. So let’s just spend some time this weekContinue reading “The top ten best books I read in 2018”

My top ten favorite books of all time

By this point, I’ve gone over my favorite horror, fantasy and science fiction books. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that those lists were big. I’m a speculative fiction writer, so of course, I’ve read deeply in those genres. But they’re not all the genres I’ve read. And their certainly not all the genres I love. TodayContinue reading “My top ten favorite books of all time”

My favorite fantasy books

I’ve been sharing lists of my favorite books ever these past few weeks. If you missed it, here’s the list of my favorite Horror books and Science Fiction books. I tried to get this list down to just ten or eleven, but that didn’t really happen. There are just a lot of really fantastic fantasyContinue reading “My favorite fantasy books”

My favorite horror books of all time

As you read this, I’m making way more sweets and cookies than anyone really needs in their house. It’s that time of year, though. We’re a week away from Christmas Eve. Seems like a good time to talk about scary stories, right? I think so. I mean, my favorite Christmas story is a ‘Ghostly littleContinue reading “My favorite horror books of all time”

My favorite science fiction books

It’s come to my attention that I’ve been writing a blog about reading and writing for over four years now, and I’ve never done a round up of my favorite books. Seems like a dumb oversight on my part. Ah well, it’s easy enough to rectify. And hey, if you’re still looking for holiday giftsContinue reading “My favorite science fiction books”

If you’re making New Years Resolutions, read this first

I’ve never been a really physical person. I considered myself in fairly decent shape, but I’m coming to realize a few things. That was a filthy lie. A lot of my good health was because I was walking to and from my day job. Not to mention downtown on most of my off days. IContinue reading “If you’re making New Years Resolutions, read this first”