The top six best fantasy couples

I don’t normally like love stories. I don’t read romantic fiction, and I generally bitch and moan if too much attention is paid to romantic subplots in shows or movies. I’m not here for that, sorry. I’m here for the dragons and the magic and the music and the mystery. That being said, some loveContinue reading “The top six best fantasy couples”

Announcing Missing Stitches, book three of Woven!

Announcement day! My first launch of 2019, and man is it a big one. It’s the biggest announcement I’ve ever made, actually. The final book of the Woven Trilogy, Missing Stitches, is coming soon. The city of Septa has barely had a moment of peace since the death of their king, Michael. Lenore, the princess,Continue reading “Announcing Missing Stitches, book three of Woven!”

Fantasy sub genres, part two

Welcome to part two of our review of Fantasy sub genres. For part one, click here. The different fantasy genres are as varied and complex as the people who enjoy them. And as a fantasy writer, I find them endlessly fascinating. I hope you do, too. And please check out the website Worlds Without Ends.Continue reading “Fantasy sub genres, part two”

The Twelve best fantasy creature characters, part two

Today I’m continuing my list of my favorite fantasy creature characters. If you missed part one, here’s a link. The Direwolves from Song of Ice and Fire I’m not going to sugar coat this. The destruction of the majority of the direwolves is a big reason I stopped liking this series. Kill all the humans,Continue reading “The Twelve best fantasy creature characters, part two”

The twelve best fantasy creature characters, part one

Most of the best fantasy stories have about a hundred moving parts that add to the enjoyment of a story. The characters, the magic structure, the world building. All of these things add (or take away) from the core story itself. A favorite part of any fantasy story for me is the mythical or animalContinue reading “The twelve best fantasy creature characters, part one”

Raise a glass, then make some plans

Happy New Year! Still hung over? I’m not. Though we did head out to Pittsburgh to celebrate First Night. That was an awesome trip, let me tell you. So, now it’s 2019, and it’s time to start thinking of what we’d like to accomplish in the next 12 months. No, wait. We need to doContinue reading “Raise a glass, then make some plans”