Author interview, Cynthia Austin

Today we’re wrapping up the Spring Author Interview Series with Cynthia Austin, author of Tainted Luck. Tell us about your book. Tainted Luck is a short, young adult horror novel. It covers modern day high school drama, and even includes a possible student-teacher relationship. When did you realize that you were a writer? Every aptitudeContinue reading “Author interview, Cynthia Austin”

July’s Camp Nanowrimo might be the most productive. Here’s why.

We interrupt our Spring Author Interview Series for an exciting announcement. It’s time for summer camp. And by summer camp I mean Camp Nanowrimo, July Session. Ah, I love this. It brings back fond memories of the summer camp I went to as a girl. The songs, the terrible food, the wonderful smores. I learnedContinue reading “July’s Camp Nanowrimo might be the most productive. Here’s why.”

Author interview, KateMarie Collins

Next in our Spring Author interview series, KateMarie Collins. She’s the author of the Waystation Guardians series. Also, the COO of Solstice Publishing. Enjoy. Tell us about your book My last release came out in August of 2018, right before I went to Scotland for a week. ‘Guarding William’ is the 3rd book in TheContinue reading “Author interview, KateMarie Collins”

Author Interview with Eric Klein

Today our Spring interview series continues with science fiction author Eric Klein. Tell us about your book. The One: a Cruise Through the Solar System  is a hard science fiction novel about the various colonies and a bit about the conditions there. In many ways it is designed to inspire colonization, and also to setContinue reading “Author Interview with Eric Klein”

Author interview with Geoff Nelder

Continuing our Spring Author Interview series, please welcome Geoff Nelder, author of Suppose We. Full disclosure, I’m in the middle of reading this right now. It’s pretty awesome. Review to come soon. Please enjoy the interview. SUPPOSE WE – the enigmatic title of a spaceship that became the title of the work-in-progess novella but theContinue reading “Author interview with Geoff Nelder”

Author interview, Debbie De Louise

Continuing our Spring Interview Series, here’s Debbie De Louise, author of Sea Scope. Enjoy. Tell us about your book. Sea Scope is a psychological mystery featuring Sarah Collins, a children’s book illustrator, who is invited back to her childhood home in South Carolina by her aunt after her brother’s death. Facing some difficulties in herContinue reading “Author interview, Debbie De Louise”