Writing About The Horrors

I’ve been wanting to write something along these lines for awhile now. I decided that the month I’ve devoted to short fiction would be a good time, since I tend to explore dark topic in short fiction. I just finished writing a story about the Holocaust. I’m actually surprised that it took me so longContinue reading “Writing About The Horrors”

Market, UFO Anthologies

That stands for Unidentified Funny Objects. This anthology is probably one of the more intimidating ones I’ve posted about, because past collections have included such writers as Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin. Bad news, the competition is fierce. Good news, if you get in, people are going to start learning your name, my friend.Continue reading “Market, UFO Anthologies”

Writing Novellas, and What To Do With Them

Poor novella. You’re so misunderstood. Worse, you are wholly unappreciated for who you really are. At least, as far as I’ve seen. Most publishers don’t want to look at novellas, and no literary magazine’s got the room to run them. And yet novella’s appear. Mostly by accident, but they appear. I’ve written a few justContinue reading “Writing Novellas, and What To Do With Them”

Market,Evil Girlfriend Media

I’m a sucker for funny titles, so of course this one tickled me. Evil Girlfriend is actually two markets rolled into one. Not only are they a magazine, but they are also a small press publishing company. So, if you write horror, this might be one you bookmark. For book publishing- Genre- dystopian, near futureContinue reading “Market,Evil Girlfriend Media”