Religion and World Building

Don’t shoot yet! Torches, down folks. I am going to talk about religion today, and there are few better ways to tempt trolls on the internet. So please, let’s keep any discussions in the comments to religion as it applies to your fiction writing only. Now, in the interest of full disclosure before we talkContinue reading “Religion and World Building”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Your worlds favorite author

Since we talked about literature in your world on Sunday, let’s get more specific. Who is the most famous author in your world? What genre is most popular? Is the author a man or woman? Are they nice, fat headed? What do they look like? What’s her opinion of her fans? How do people reactContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Your worlds favorite author”

Language and Literature in Your World

My favorite thing in the whole world is stories. All kinds of stories. Movies, books, tv shows with great plot and character growth. Urban legends, ghost stories, limericks. Any kind of story, I live for it. I also love language. It saddens me to my core that I don’t speak more than one language, butContinue reading “Language and Literature in Your World”

Making Your Very Own Months, Dates and Years For Your Fantasy World

Confession time again. This is becoming a regular thing. I forgot all about making anything calendar related until the third draft of Broken Pattern. I didn’t even, (sob) have a time line. But I am better now, and I am ready to help you avoid my terrible mistake. Now, you could take the easy route.Continue reading “Making Your Very Own Months, Dates and Years For Your Fantasy World”

Creative Currency and Food

When I was world building for Woven, I hated coming up with money methods for my different countries. It just seemed like one of those nitpicky features that really weren’t going to come up much. Then I started writing my book, and realized how often I was using money. Food was a little more fun,Continue reading “Creative Currency and Food”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Hometown

What can you tell me about your hometown?  I bet you ask anyone that question, and you’ll get a flood of stories.  some will be good, some will be horrifying.  Some, like mine, will be about this crazy guy who chased me off his porch with a shotgun while campaigning.  The guy had a taxidermyContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Hometown”

Plans for May, World building

You deserve to know, right off the bat, that this month is going to be sort of heavy on fantasy writing.  If you write fantasy, you’ll love it.  if not, I’ll be doing my best keep it relevant to all fiction writing.  At the very least, I’ll be telling jokes.  You guys like my jokes,Continue reading “Plans for May, World building”