The best thing that’s happened all year!

Today I have an awesome announcement for you. It’s something that I’ve been sitting on for some time, working behind the scenes to make sure that everything was ready before I let all of you know. Starting Chains, book two of Woven is coming out on September 8th! And I can hardly believe that it’sContinue reading “The best thing that’s happened all year!”

Modern Ms. Manners: Asking other Authors For Help

I’m still enjoying my 30 Days, 30 Authors event. I hope you’re enjoying it, too. I know my reading list swelled! I’ve also made connections with some fantastic indie authors. There are some really great people participating in this event, and it’s been nothing but a positive experience for me. Not every experience I’ve hadContinue reading “Modern Ms. Manners: Asking other Authors For Help”

Woven’s Fourth Anniversary

Every year on this date I get pretty excited. That’s because it’s the day that I created Woven. I’m sure you’ve heard my story before. If not, here’s links to last year’s blubbery crying blog post about my anniversary. And the one from the year before that. I started writing Broken Patterns in 2013 beforeContinue reading “Woven’s Fourth Anniversary”

Modern Ms. Manners, social media and signings.

I have a real issue with rules of etiquette. I think it’s because I’ve had some bad experiences with them. Most of the rules tend to have a sexist slant. I grew up hearing a lot of this. Don’t order messy food on a date. Don’t finish a meal on a date. Don’t put onContinue reading “Modern Ms. Manners, social media and signings.”

Building a social media tracker in your bullet journal

I shared an image of my social media calendar on Instagram earlier this month. I thought it might help some of my fellow authors to keep better track of their social media reach and habits. Now I’m in the middle of this awesome 30 Authors, 30 Days event. And it’s all about learning how toContinue reading “Building a social media tracker in your bullet journal”

Seven Ways to Practice Hygge with Technology

Have you heard of Hygge yet? It’s this awesome new lifestyle concept that apparently I’ve been doing my whole life already. If you haven’t heard of it, here are the basics. Comfort and warmth are the cornerstones of this concept. So anything that is comfortable and warm is hygge. Candles are a must. Since I’veContinue reading “Seven Ways to Practice Hygge with Technology”