A writer’s daily and weekly to-do list

When I first started out writing, I had a wonderful illusion that writing full time would mean just that. I would write, all the time. I would spend all of my day writing or editing. Isn’t this a beautiful thought? Wake up in the morning, have a wonderful breakfast, then go to my writing studioContinue reading “A writer’s daily and weekly to-do list”

It’s my first time at Camp Nanowrimo

  Nanowrimo probably isn’t something that’s really on your radar right now. I felt like I was still recovering from November in January myself. Of course, that could just be the blend of Nanowrimo and Holiday hangover. Anyway, the point is that Nanowrimo isn’t until November and that’s fine. April, on the other hand, isContinue reading “It’s my first time at Camp Nanowrimo”

Announcing Station Central, book Four of Station 86!

Well, my hiatus is over in more ways than one. I’m working on the second draft of a new fantasy novel, and working on a brand new launch. If you missed my unplanned announcement on social media, Station Central, book four of Station 86, is launching soon. The first episode will be available on Saturday,Continue reading “Announcing Station Central, book Four of Station 86!”

Author interview, Linda Lingle

Hey guys. I’m still on hiatus, but here’s an author interview from Linda Lingle, author of Dear Heart and Sweet Heart.  Tell us about your books. Dear Heart and Sweet Heart are love stories about a couple who carry on a passionate affair and then are separated for nearly forty years. Dear Heart is toldContinue reading “Author interview, Linda Lingle”

Being a professional author is (almost) impossible

It’s almost impossible to be a professional writer. That’s right, I said it. I’ve been a published author of multiple books for two years now. And I’m not close at all to making enough money to quit my day job. And let’s be clear, some of this is just out of my control. The economyContinue reading “Being a professional author is (almost) impossible”

What to put at the front and back of your self published book

I recently, and by recently, I mean some time last year, redid all of my Station 86 e-books to relaunch them on Smashwords. That was a project. Building e-books, in general, can be kind of a project. But it had to be done because the e-books needed an update. I mean, you have to figureContinue reading “What to put at the front and back of your self published book”