Seven years of blogging. Let’s level up together

It’s been seven long years since I started writing this little blog. And I started preparing to write this post by reading all of my other anniversary posts.  Every year in the past I’ve been surprised that I’ve kept writing. But after seven years, I think I’ll go ahead and keep writing. I’ve proven toContinue reading “Seven years of blogging. Let’s level up together”

My review of the Hero’s Journal

(This isn’t sponsored, but I was gifted a copy of Hero’s Journal for donating to Nanowrimo.) I received a Hero’s Journal during Camp Nanowrimo. And I was pretty stoked about it. You know me, I love a good notebook. Especially (gasp) a goal-setting notebook that is specific to my writing. This journal has been allContinue reading “My review of the Hero’s Journal”

Writing Nonfiction-Research

Most of you know me as a speculative fiction author and blogger. But I’m much more than that. I am a Gemini after all, duality is in my very being. So I am a speculative fiction author and a blogger. But I’m also a critic and podcaster. And as if that weren’t enough, I’ve decidedContinue reading “Writing Nonfiction-Research”

Healthy living is actually good for you? Gross

I am a writer. I’m also a reader, podcaster, tv critic. And I have a day job where I work on a computer. None of these activities encourage much physical activity. All of these activities mean that the busier I am, the less likely I am to get any exercise at all. Honestly, at oneContinue reading “Healthy living is actually good for you? Gross”

My favorite LGBTQ+ characters in speculative fiction

Representation matters. We know this. And as nerds, we know that the speculative fiction genre is full of great, and not so great, representations of the LGBTQ+ community. So today, I wanted to put a spotlight on my top six favorite examples. These are characters that are not caricatures, not stereotypes. They’re real, honest peopleContinue reading “My favorite LGBTQ+ characters in speculative fiction”

Writing to be read Vs. Writing to be heard

<a href="http://Image by <a href="">Marco Migorança Migorança</a> from <a href="">PixabayArtwork by Marco Migoranca I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you’re not as old as you think you are and people older than you want you to shut the hell up. This has been said with love, as someone who complains too oftenContinue reading “Writing to be read Vs. Writing to be heard”

My favorite bullet journal spreads to keep your life in order and plants alive

This month I began my seventeenth bullet journal. Her name is Sage.  In all this time, I’ve never really taken the time to share my bullet journal strategies or collections with you. I’d like to say I don’t know why, but I do.  My bullet journal isn’t as pretty as most of the ones youContinue reading “My favorite bullet journal spreads to keep your life in order and plants alive”