Potters Field Six

This anthology sounds so delightfully creepy, I can’t even begin to tell you. Potters Field Six wants stories about unmarked graves. It doesn’t have to be just about a potter’s field, of course, there are tons of historical mass graves. Think of the Catacombs in Paris. Honestly, this contest is making me rethink writing forContinue reading “Potters Field Six”

Some more really bad poetry by me

Oliver The wiggle, waddle The excitement of your life! You cannot stand still Sluggish morning Pouring myself in Fitting into the crevices Of the morning flow Chai Rain on he window Steam rising from my tea cup the scent of warm leaves mingled with sweet, strong spices warm hands, even in the cold Color onContinue reading “Some more really bad poetry by me”

Why I’m Not A Journalist

I swear, this month has gone by so damn fast! I’m still convinced it’s actually March and someone’s punking me. I didn’t think I was old enough yet for the distortion of time to really set in, but I guess I am. Wish it would distort a little more while I’m on the clock. Anyway,Continue reading “Why I’m Not A Journalist”

Bloggers Hold The Future of The Fourth Estate

Yes, I am going to kiss ass a little today. I’m also going to be a little vain. Not very vain, though, because while I am a blogger I’m not blogging about news. You know what site does blog about the news? Buzzfeed. Recently they did a great series of photos where they asked TrumpContinue reading “Bloggers Hold The Future of The Fourth Estate”

Deadlines and Productivity

If creative writing lacks something, it’s accountability. If I don’t write short stories, no one cares much. If I miss a contest deadline, I don’t get to enter that contest, but that’s about the end of it. Pretty much, unless you’re under contract, your motivation is all carrot and a really small stick. That’s notContinue reading “Deadlines and Productivity”