The Writing Life- To Do Lists

Happy Throwback Thursday.

Paper Beats World

You can say this will be a boring post if you like, but then I’ll remind you that one of the best selling books in Barns and Noble this week was ‘The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up.’

Besides, lots of people underestimate the power of a really solid to do list.  For me, a to do list freed me up to work on one thing at a time.  If I know I’ve written a thing down, I know I’ll get to it.  So, I can take the thing at the top of my list, hammer it out, and worry about what’s next on the list when I get the first thing done.

And, if you’ve tried to do lists and found it didn’t help, you’re doing it wrong.  Which is to say, you’re doing it wrong for you.  To do lists are a tool, and a good tool comes…

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