My favorite stationary for writing and bullet journaling

<a href="http://Image by <a href="">Monfocus</a&gt; from <a href="">PixabayToday’s lovely art is from Monfocus. After a long month of cleaning and organizing our whole lives, let’s take things down a notch today. Let’s talk about one of my favorite things and something you probably like too. Let’s talk about stationary.  Specifically, this is a list ofContinue reading “My favorite stationary for writing and bullet journaling”

Life audit with me, week four

It’s the fourth and final week of our life audit. By this time your home, your habits and your mind should be a little less cluttered.  Not the whole way, I’m sure. It’s a process, becoming who we want to be. Every day we make progress. And anytime you want to revisit the questions orContinue reading “Life audit with me, week four”

Life Audit with me, week three

Welcome to week three of our life audit. How did week two go for you guys? If you have any before or after pictures, I’d love to see them. If you just have any great stories, I’d love to hear them. For now, let’s move on to week three.  Menu planning Stick with me, here.Continue reading “Life Audit with me, week three”

I’m launching a podcast!

Podcasts are a pretty big deal for me. My hands are often busy, my eyes even more so. So podcasts are my default form of entertainment.  Another default entertainment for me is true crime. I have no idea why this fascinates me so, but it does. So this shouldn’t come as a shock.  I’m launchingContinue reading “I’m launching a podcast!”

Life Audit with me, week two

Welcome to week two of our life audit. I hope that after week one you’re feeling like you’ve got a slightly better handle on your life. Personally, just the night and morning routines have made such a difference in my life.  If you haven’t seen week one, you can click here.  Now, moving onto weekContinue reading “Life Audit with me, week two”

All I can do is bear witness

I guess you probably heard what happened yesterday in DC. Just in case you didn’t, the sitting president incited a mob of his followers to march up to the capitol building.  If they’d protested at The National Mall, that would have been fine. It would have been part of a time-honored tradition in our country.Continue reading “All I can do is bear witness”