It’s launch day for Station Central!

The day has come, Station Central is now available on Amazon! Station Central has been touted as the vacation destination in the stars. Its success and popularity as not only a great place to vacation, but a great place to live was the start of mankind moving off of Earth and into the stars. Sennett,Continue reading “It’s launch day for Station Central!”

You Can’t Trust The AI, Episode Three

“Here,” Godfrey said, putting a plate of fries and a sandwich in front of April. “I haven’t been able to get hold of your mom yet.” “What are you making so much food for?” April asked, surveying the counter. There was a plate of cookies sitting next to a stack of sandwiches and a humongousContinue reading “You Can’t Trust The AI, Episode Three”

You Can’t Trust The AI, Episode Two

Sennett Montgomery sat in the Commissioner’s office, drinking klav and carefully stretching the kinks out of her neck. The transmission beads on the ends of her hair, set in thousands of braids, clicked together gently as she moved. They were the only sound in the room. Commissioner Bernice Schultz was late for their appointment, andContinue reading “You Can’t Trust The AI, Episode Two”