What I learned coaching volleyball

I just finished coaching my kid’s volleyball team at the Y. It was the first time I’d ever coached anything, and the first time I’d ever been in charge of kids besides my own. It was… and experience, to say the least. It’s not one that I was especially fond of if I can beContinue reading “What I learned coaching volleyball”

Sing A Sad Song And Make It Better

I’ve been going to my local theater for some time, watching amateur plays. I take the kids, trying to force some culture into their little brains before they decide that nothing I like is cool. I am, after all, in my thirties. The husband doesn’t go with us, and that’s fine. Sometimes my mother inContinue reading “Sing A Sad Song And Make It Better”

Darklands The Rhen Wars Saga comes out tomorrow!

Hey, everyone. I was so fortunate to get an advanced copy of this book to review. And I have to tell you, it was awesome. The world is well thought out, the characters were endearing and the magic set up is highly structured. Here’s a quick blurb from the book. Compelled to obey the darkContinue reading “Darklands The Rhen Wars Saga comes out tomorrow!”

An Open Letter To The Teacher Who Changed My Life

Last month I wrote an open letter to a teacher I wasn’t thrilled with. Unless you’ve been very lucky I’m sure you have at least one of those teachers in your past. Unless you’ve been very unlucky, you also have a teacher like the one I’m going to tell you about today. He was anContinue reading “An Open Letter To The Teacher Who Changed My Life”

Picking Apart American Gods

Spoiler Warning! If you haven’t read American Gods, or if you’re watching the mini series as it airs on Starz, don’t read this yet! This is the last Neil Gaiman book for awhile, I promise. At least, until I finish Norse Mythology. I really loved American Gods. It’s a perfect example of a good bookContinue reading “Picking Apart American Gods”