Why Into The Spiderverse works, even though it shouldn’t

If there’s one complaint I have about comic books, it’s the sheer lack of continuity. I’m hardly the only fan to have this problem, and I’m sure I won’t be the last. In a way, I do understand. Comic book characters like Batman, the X-Men and Avengers have been written and rewritten for decades toContinue reading “Why Into The Spiderverse works, even though it shouldn’t”

Falling From Grace is now available for Pre-order!

Pretty exciting news today. Falling From Grace, the fourth book in the Woven series, is now available for pre-order! Meet Grace. A woman of the rebellion, Grace’s life has been one of hardship. Her people live in poverty, under the uncaring eyes of their mad king. So when her brother in law, Calvin, leads anContinue reading “Falling From Grace is now available for Pre-order!”

Fantasy fans in the 21st century

Today’s cover art is from Free-Photos Speculative fiction has been seeing a lot of love over the last decade. I’ve lost count of the number of cult classic books and modern loves that I was sure I alone knew about, that are now considered mainstream works. Fantasy and science fiction, in particular, has been goingContinue reading “Fantasy fans in the 21st century”

Things to remember when writing different classes

Today’s cover art is from Anastacia Cooper. As an author, no one is more critical of my work than me. No one is a bigger fan than me, either. But we all know how fantasy fans are. We only truly rip apart what we love most. And when it comes to Woven, I’m always thinkingContinue reading “Things to remember when writing different classes”

Comparing Victor and Calvin, or a discussion of the fine line between man and monsters

Today’s lovely cover image is by Esteban Arboleda Bermudez. Last week I compared and contrasted Lenore and Grace. That was a lot of fun, so I thought I’d do it again. This week, I want to compare Victor and Calvin. Unlike with Grace and Lenore, when the point was that I wanted them to notContinue reading “Comparing Victor and Calvin, or a discussion of the fine line between man and monsters”

A Falling From Grace playlist

This fantastic cover art is courtesy of Efes Kitap from Pixabay. One of my favorite writing practices is creating a playlist for my books. Music is magic, words and tones blending to create an emotional reaction to the listener in a way that I can’t describe but we all understand. Today I want to shareContinue reading “A Falling From Grace playlist”

Darkness Rising

Hey, guys. My buddy Carol Ann King and some other great authors just launched this phenominal fantasy collection, Darkness Rising. I’m adding it to my reading list, and I absolutely suggest you do the same. Happy reading everyone. Witches, demons, werewolves and demi-gods… Grab YOUR copy of this limited edition #UrbanFantasy #Romance and #ParanormalRomance collection!Continue reading “Darkness Rising”

Comparing and contrasting Grace and Lenore

Cover image from Crepesuzette on Pixabay I’ve written many main characters in my time. Woven alone had four pov characters before I introduced Grace.  Now, I’ve introduced her. And she’s a different pov character than any I’ve ever written about before. One thing I was very worried about when writing Grace was repeating myself. IContinue reading “Comparing and contrasting Grace and Lenore”

Things we don’t talk about in Fantasy books, and how to do it right.

Cover art thanks to Pixabay. Thank you, Pixabay. When I was a kid, I read just about every book that Beverly Cleary ever wrote. Especially the Ramona books. Ramona was my girl. I would love a story about Ramona as an adult.  One story that stuck with me was Ramona and her little kindergarten classContinue reading “Things we don’t talk about in Fantasy books, and how to do it right.”