Preptober, Week One

Alright, it’s the first day of October. And this month is dedicated to exactly two things in my house. Celebrating Halloween as hard as possible, and getting ready for Nanowrimo.  So this year I’m going to take you along for the ride with me, in a four-week course that will let you hit the groundContinue reading “Preptober, Week One”

Meet the AA Characters, Jim

Meet Jim Played by Jim Phonix  Jim’s everyone’s friend. He teaches the kids of the community, helps out at meetings. He’s quick to led an ear when needed, or pick someone up from the train station. And he’s happy to make friends with Josey. Maybe more than friends.  A transplant himself, Jim is one ofContinue reading “Meet the AA Characters, Jim”

Meet The AA Characters, Rose

Meet Rose Played by J.M. Brannyk There’s something in Rose’s past that her family doesn’t know. That even her best friend Stevie doesn’t know. Whatever it is, it’s made her less than happy to find a human has found her way inside the community. In Rose’s eyes, there’s no way Josey’s there for good reasons.Continue reading “Meet The AA Characters, Rose”

Meet The Characters from AA, Josey

Meet Josey- Played by me. When Josey moves to a new town, she thinks her life’s going to get better. Then her new job falls through. So she finds herself working two jobs to afford an overpriced apartment. But it’s the divorce papers sent from her ex that really sends her past demons back toContinue reading “Meet The Characters from AA, Josey”

Announcing a brand new scifi/horror podcast

As you might have noticed, we’re more than halfway through 2021. And I, gasp, haven’t launched a book yet.  For those of you keeping track, I’ve launched a book every year for the past five years. Often, more than one.  Well, I have some bad news and some good news, you guys. The bad newsContinue reading “Announcing a brand new scifi/horror podcast”

Learning from younger people

I have this problem. It’s a little embarrassing, but I want to get better. And I thought maybe it might be a problem some of you have too.  I have a weird problem taking advice from people younger than me. It makes me feel uncomfortable, as though I’m failing somehow.  Yes, I’m aware this isContinue reading “Learning from younger people”

The best and worst ways I spend writing money

Today’s cover art is from Bruno /Germany Money is something most writers have a sticky relationship with. We’re artists, we don’t do this for the money. But we need money to, you know, live. We have day jobs until we make enough money writing to sustain us full-time. If we ever make enough money writing.Continue reading “The best and worst ways I spend writing money”

Bullet journal pages, weekly and monthly

A little while ago I shared a list of my favorite bullet journal collections to keep my sanity and my plants. When I did so, I also promised a list of my everyday pages. Pages that I set up for the month and week that allow me to keep track of my projects, due dates,Continue reading “Bullet journal pages, weekly and monthly”

My favorite Skillshare classes for writers

If you spend any time online, you’ve seen an ad for Skillshare. Every Youtuber I watch is working with them. And all that pitching got to me. I’ve had a subscription to Skillshare for almost a year now. I’m not working with them. I’m not an affiliate, and I’m getting no money for this post.Continue reading “My favorite Skillshare classes for writers”